Dickens Reunion August 25, 2013

Finally, after 4 long years, we set the date for a puppy-reunion. We were thrilled with so many participants and those, who couldn't make it, were very much missed.  It was especially terrific to have the families come from so far away - from the south of Germany, which is nevertheless 6 hours drive.

The weather was absolutely perfect as we set out for our walk, and later as we returned to the restaurant "Gruene Stute" where we sat outside and were able to chat and have a bite to eat.

I was so happy that 3 of the oldest "puppies" from our A-litter could be at the reunion. They are already over 13 years of age!

In total, there were 23 Dickens Beardies and with the non-Dickens',  the total was well over 27dogs!


Iwould like to say once again how thankful I am for all who came to the reunion. It was so great to see everyone once again and I am ever thankful to God for sending me such great families for my Beardies. I hope, that the you all remain true Dickens' fans for a long, long time and that we are able to meet again soon.












....and let's go!













































































A meeting of the brotherly sort!   Johnny & Jasper from the J-Litter, one and a half years old.
































Puppies in the crowd






























































In the meantime, a bit of refreshment was neccessary


































The pretty Sally

When "Baby" can't go any further, there's nothing like 2 strong arms to be carried in!


























































Having returned to the "Gruene Stute", the thirst was pretty big with the little ones...














Joker joins in the quenching of thirst!!
































After all the dogs were taken care of, then it was our turn to enjoy a bit of food and drink. 








































































 "Muffi-Mann" is 3 years old, here with his ladies ... (I-litter - "I Got Rhythm")























Three from the K-litter, 10 months old (from left) Momo "Key to My Heart", Keks "Keep Cool" & Faith " Keep the Faith"




















Bettina with her Lucy  B-litter, "Beautiful Dreamer". 11 years old.


...and with her Master Achim & her brother, "Lance".





















Momo - "Key to My Heart", K-litter 10 months with her Human, Adriane.





Puck - G-litter "Greased Lightening", 4 years 7 months with his family.


















Blue - F-litter "Fly Me To The Moon" (nearly 5 years old) with her master, Thomas.
























Fiete - F-litter, "Finishing Touch" in all his glory! Nearly 5 years old...

Muffin - I-litter "I Got Rhythm", (soon will turn 3 years old) Has certainly alot from his Dad, Humphrey.























The sweet "Jewel"  (in front of pic) one and a half years from our J-litter, with her Entourage!


































Hayley from our D-litter "Destined for Fame" (6 & 1/2 years) and mother to our H, J & L-litters.

Dexter, beautiful, fawn boy from our C-litter "Champagne Edition". Will soon turn 8 years old.

































This sweet old guy, Maxi (brown boy) from our A-Wurf, "Admiral Macintosh", is litter-brother to our Jeannie and over 13 years old.



























Jeannie from our A-litter, "Aimee", is our beautiful (fawn) Grand Dame. Still  top fit and Mother to our C, D & E-litters. 13 years & 3 months old.














The fawn-coloured dog, Ashley, from our A-litter -  "Ashley Star" who also is over 13 years old.






















Little brown Lola from our L-litter - "Li'l Rascal". 3 months old

































Little Lasse is from Gandekersee. He is a litter-brother to Lola from our L-litter "Lotta' Lovin'" and is also 3 months old.




















The Herms come all the way from Baden-Württemberg (south of Germany) and won the prize for travelling the furthest! They also have the biggset "collection" of Full of the Dickens Bearded Collies: two!!    Joker is from our J-litter "Joker's Wild" - one & a half years old and recently Lexie came to join them and is from our  L-litter, "Lady be Good", 3 months old.





















Beautiful Shirley from the G-litter "Grace Note", 4 years & 7 months old.














































The sweet, blue Hailey from H-litter, "Hayley's Comet". In November she will already turn 3!























Beautiful blue Faith from our K-litter, "Keep the Faith", 10 months old.









...and here Faith with "brother" Hennessy.


























Cute Johnny from the J-litter  - "Jeepers Creepers". This sweet guy is in his lightening-out phase and there isn't much of his brown to be seen! He is on and a half years old and soon he will get his lovely dark coat.






















Jasper, fawn boy (from the J-litter, "Junior Varsity", one and a half years) with his little, brown halfsister, Lola.


























The brown and dapper Keks from the K-litter "Keep Cool", 10 months old here with his master Stefan... hey, Uli! Where were you? They got the 2nd prize for travelling the furthest. They live near Cologne.


























Sally, the beautiful, fawn bitch from the D-litter, "Doris Day" - 6 & a half years old.




















Humphrey, Sammara Make a Move. 11 yearsold and father to our D, E, G & I-litters.































Audrey, Casanova's Game, Set & Match. Here 7 years old and Mother to our G, I & K-litters She seems to be a bit out-of-sorts, but she wasn't!!


































It sure wasn't easy to get everyone onto one picture.....
























































































































Faith & Hennessy
















Lexie & Joker


It was a fantastic reunion and I am so looking forward to the next one!!















Keks & Lexie




























Lola & Jasper