July 2019

The End - means a new Beginning!

The time has come for the kids to go to their new families.

Always a very exciting time to see how the puppies get on in their new families and of course to see the delighted, expectant faces of the people. But, it also marks the end of our hard work and loving care for the babies.

We wish all the new families years and years of health, happiness and great fun with their Dickens'!!!







                         S - Litter                   





"Betty Lee" - (FotD Sally Forth)

Betty Lee was the first to move to her new family in the town of Baek near Moelln in northern Germany. She will enjoy the position of princess, and will be adored by the 2 Beardie boys, Wolle and Bruno! But also horses, sheep and other such farm animals will belong to her new life!

July 11, 2019



























"Samu" - (FotD Stroke of Genius)

Samu now lives in the Harz Mountains in the town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, where hhis new room-mates are a lovely Beardie-lady and a young mixed race male. He will also be in very good hands and look forward to his developement!

July 11, 2019





"Stina" - (FotD Small Talk)

This little lady lives with good freinds very near us in Scharnebeck! Her family has many, many years of expereince with OES's and Bearded Collies, and I know she will have a good life good there. I am so happy that I can see Stina a bit more often, because she is only a 15 minute drive away! 

July 12, 2019









































"Salmi" - (FotD Sweet On You)

Little Salmi was adopted by a family, who also lives very close to us! She now lives in Vastorf, near Lueneburg,  only 20 minutes away. It will be nice to also see Salmi and her family a bit more often, and as it's the families' first Beardie, I can easily help with grooming, from time to time. Salmi has won a wonderful, caring family. 

July 12, 2019







"Percy Stuart" - (FotD Shenanigans)

Percy Stuart was adopted into a rather large clan - 2 of the children are missing on this picture, so I can imagine life will not be a bore for this little boy! Percy will attend his new Mom at work, where he will work as a therapy dog at a nursing home. He now lives with his new family in Hennef, Germany.

July 13, 2019